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The Flexible Phone Holder is the perfect device for those who love to relax on the couch or in bed while watching their favorite shows. It also comes in handy for those who need a solution to taking the perfect selfies.Also perfect for travel. Compatible with most modern phones and built with the highest quality materials, the Flexible Phone Holder is soon to become your new best friend!

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1.  A multi-functional mobile phone holder, with four colors to choose from.
2. You can use it when you are lying, sitting, standing, you can hang it around your neck, hang it on your waist, use it as a desktop phone holder, selfie stick, etc.
3. Free your hands, watch movies with your mobile phone, chat, and video chat without holding your hand
4. The bracket adopts high quality and environmental protection foam cotton, which is non-slip and breathable, elastic and not easy to be flattened. It is very comfortable and will not make the neck feel oppressed.
5. Aluminium-magnesium hose is freely adjusted and bent
6.360 degree screw chuck can be adjusted to your desired angle
7. Clip can reach 10cm, suitable for 3.5-6 inch mobile phone
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